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Dear Nordhoff Dance Supporters, 

We are reaching out to our program supporters at this time to share news and ask for your support at this critical moment for serving students in the Ojai Valley.


We are excited and in awe of the projected growth of the Nordhoff Dance program to almost double in size for the 2023-2024 school year. Our program has been in a rebound post-COVID; along with the consolidation of the middle school with the high school, we are set to welcome 106 student dancers in late August. Over 10% of the school population will be dance students


Given our commitment to equity to ensure participation in dance program activities is financially accessible to all students, our Nordhoff Dance Alliance parent board has set a $100,000 fundraising goal for the 2023-2024 school year. Dance wear, shoes, performance wardrobe, field trips, master classes, and guest artist residencies enhance the student dancer experience. We need your help to make this year the best that it can be!


Dance education can be life-changing for students in building their social-emotional and physical health no matter what path they choose after high school. In the words of one of our rising juniors, “I most value being able to come to class and feel safe. We go through our daily life worried and scared of what COULD happen but when we come into dance we focus on the things happening and the joy it brings us.”


We respectfully ask for your support in whatever amount you can give - a one-time gift or an ongoing donation is welcomed. 


This is a chance to contribute meaningfully to helping our school, program and dancers through this major transition. Please donate today.  


Thank you!

Kim Hoj and Gianna Burright, Nordhoff Dance Program Teachers

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