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INTRODUCTION TO DANCE (DANCE I) LENGTH: 1 year; grades 9, 10,11,12. A beginning class for the student who has had little or no background training in dance, this class emphasizes cardiovascular endurance, physical strength, flexibility, injury prevention, nutrition and wellness through the exploration of various forms of dance (jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, modern, tap, folk/ethnic dance).


Dance I focuses on developing introductory skills in dance technique and a lifetime commitment to physical activity. Students will have the opportunity to perform two to four times per year. Students must maintain a notebook of choreography learned in the class with information learned about dance history. Students must see a minimum of one live performance and write dance critiques.

Dance 2

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DANCE TECHNIQUE (DANCE II) LENGTH: 1 year; grades 10, 11 ,12. PREREQUISITE: Dance I, or by audition with instructor consent. An intermediate level class for motivated and committed students who have one year or more of training in dance, this class provides an in-depth creative experience through the exploration of various forms of dance (jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hip, modern, tap, folk/ethnic dance). It focuses on increasing competency in dance technique, performance, and choreography while gaining academic comprehension of the historical, social, emotional and personal context of this discipline. 


Students must create their own dance phrases with instruction in choreography, partnering, dance forms and improvisation. Students will instruct other dancers in their original choreography, see a minimum of two live performances and respond critically in written form. Students will participate in performance opportunities that will be offered locally two to four times.


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LENGTH: 1 year; grades 11 & 12. PREREQUISITE: Dance 1 and 2.


The purpose of the ROP Choreography (H) course is to provide a deeper understanding of the choreographic process and to provide students with the tools to further their choreographic skills, thereby increasing their readiness for work in the dance industry. Through an intensive and hands-on exploration of the choreographic process involving elaborate investigation and analysis of movement studies, student led inquiries and assessments of movement studies through video, and incorporation of movement studies and improvisation into choreography projects, students will be able to acquire and create more meaningful original choreography. Students will develop their ability to critically evaluate and assess student as well as professional works and will increase their perception of music and theatrical skills to enhance performance. Students will understand and recognize the broader applications of choreography in historical and cultural relevance to the arts and other disciplines, and will be able to apply their understanding of stylistic differences of specific genres (modern, ballet, jazz, musical theatre, etc).  


Students will research and maintain a portfolio of all of their student work that can influence creativity toward design and further exploration, thereby helping students to make connections of the necessary technical and artistic skills needed to make dance choreography a career and demonstrating career and college readiness. Students will work within the broader community through internship/mentorship.  

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