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The Best Is Yet to Come

Looking forward to the future - with style

Choreographed by Kelly Carrol

Performed by the Nordhoff High School Dance Company

Music: “The Best is Yet to Come” recorded by Frank Sinatra and Count Basie


Waving, But Drowning

To spread awareness towards drug abuse as a teenager.

Choreographed by Caitlin Roddick & Kailey Zak

Performed by Cassidy Gaston, Brooke Green, Kyra Maal-King, Caitlin Sautto, & Delancey Vogt

Music: “Now or Never” recorded by Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige & “Desoleil (Brilliant Corners)” recorded by Loyale Carner and Sampha



A moment away from the real world 

Choreographed by: Brianna Alonso and Mixtli Medina 

Performed by Sawyer Garnsey, Valery Hernandez, Lily Giuliani, Naomi Estala Solis, Itzel Medina

Music: “Can't Stop the Feeling” recorded by Justin Timberlake


Wandering Eyes

The clock will stop, but I won't, I can't. Tick Tock. My eyes are locked.

Choreographed by Chloe Samia and Kirra Nevarez

Performed by Brianna Alonso, Maddie Brannan, Hannah Oswald, Shaylene Purifoy, Ireland Sinklier, and Brianna Turner

Music: “Retrograde” by James Blake and “Tick Tock” by Hans Zimm

It’s Good To See You Again

Reconnecting with each other one smile, one wave at a time

Choreographed by Audrey Martel

Performed by the Dance Technique and Introduction to Dance Students (Period 4)

Music: “Elevator Song” recorded by Keaton Henson & Ren Ford


Letting Go

We humans know how to fight for the things that are important - for relationships, for people, for jobs, for things to stay the same. But here is the thing, they don’t always fight as hard to hold on to us. One of the greatest sources of hurt is holding onto things that are trying to let go of us. The harder we hold on, the more it hurts.

Choreographed by Michela Villierme

Performed by the Introduction to Dance Students (Period 6)

Music: “when the party’s over” recorded by Billie Eilish


One Step at a Time 

How to move forward after a traumatic event.

Choreographed by Ella Grigsby & Belen Hernandez

Performed by Maddie DeMauro, Evelyn Hernandez, Addysyn Johnson, & Rodrigo Ortiz

Music: “Soldier” recorded by Fleurie and Tommee Profitt 


Video - 2022-23 Nordhoff Dancers


Pandora’s Box

The tension between curiosity and the desire to know compared to remaining blind and  not knowing

Choreographed by the Nordhoff Choreography Honors students

Performed by the Nordhoff Choreography Honors students

Director’s Note: Special thanks to Frank DiAcri for his generous gift and creation of the cage; your generous gift to me and to the dancers of 2017 and 2022 lives on and is never forgotten. Love to Lori and Whitney.

Music:  “The Weeknd” recorded by Weeken





A Love Story in Three Parts

The beginning, middle and end of a love story

Choreographed by Kim Hoj

Performed by the Nordhoff Dancers

Music: “Love Again” recorded by Dua Lipa, “Hold My Hand” recorded by Jess Glynne, “Problem” recorded by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea, and “Tainted Love” recorded by Imelda May




Two Can Play That Game

I was playing you…you thought you were playing me

Choreographed by Brianna Turner

Performed by Ella Grigsby, Mixtli Medina, Kirra Nevarez, Caitlin Roddick, Chloe Samia, & Kailey Zak

Music: “2” recorded by H.E.R


The Unknown Shadow

The realization that a shadow is always right by you

Choreographed by Shaylene Purifoy & Ireland Sinklier 

Performed by Taylor Enge, Maddy Hall, Coree Kotula, Zayra Lupercio, America McArthur, Lilah Neilson

Music: “Limerence” recorded by Yves Tumor and “Call Me” recorded by “Gigi Masin”


The Fantasy of Friday Night

What a Friday night can look like for teenage girls 

Choreographed by Belen Hernandez, Kirra Naverez, Chloe Samia, andBrianna Turner 

Performed by Mariana Calderon, Emily Cruz, Preslee Hayes, Abbie Marcus, Kennedy Mathews, Makayla Merry, and Charlotte Sittig

Music: “What We Doin”” recorded by City Girls,“Rich Girl” recorded by Gwen Stefani, “Ylang Ylang” recorded by FKJ, ((( O ))), “Brutal” recorded by “Oliva Rodrigo, “A Pale” recorded by Rosalia, and “Last Friday Night” recorded by Katy Perry


Auto Correct Humanity

A piece about the unhealthy attachment to technology

Choreographed by Hannah Oswald and Maddie Brannan

Performed by Serena Aparcio, Jayleen Garrett, Mya Hamilton, Emily Hammed, Payton Rogers, Alexa Quiroz, and Ancelle Synn

Music “Leave me Alone” By NF


Imagining the Ocean

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected on the deep.” - William James

Choreographed by Kim Hoj and the Introduction to Dance Students (Period 6) with thanks to the Dance Education Laboratory at the 92nd Street Y in New York City

Music: “Hula Beauty” recorded by The Hawaiian Beach Band, “I Spilled Moonshine on My 404 and This Came Out” recorded by E66s, “Surf’s Up” recorded by Teen Beach Movie Karaoke, “Water and Light Dream” recorded by Gothic Storm Music, “JAWS Main Theme 2015 Remaster HD,” and “Car Wash” recorded by Christina Aguilera


Don’t Worry, Have Faith

For everyone who needs a smile and all that it brings

Choreographed by Kim Hoj

Performed by the Dance Technique and Introduction to Dance Students (Period 4)

Music:  “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” recorded by Tori Kelly, “Faith” recorded by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande


East Side Story

Friends and rivals

Choreographed by Taylor Koester

Performed by the Choreography Honors students

Music: “It’s Tricky” recorded by Run DMC, “Let’s Get Loud” recorded by Jennifer Lopez, “Crazy in Love” recorded by Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z, “Without Me” recorded by Eminem, “Lose Control” recorded by Missy Elliot Featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop, “Where Have You Been” recorded by Rihanna



Class of 2022 Bios


Brianna Alonso has been in the dance program for 3 years and she is beyond thankful for the class as a whole. Her freshman year she came in not knowing anything about dance and was nervous about being in the class. She quickly grew a love for it, as it was her way to escape from the real world and to express herself in ways that she couldn’t outside of the dance room. Dance has helped Bri develop as a person, as it has taught her to go out of her comfort zone and be confident in herself. Over the past 3 years, she has created these bonds with people who were at one point strangers and now are her second family. Next year Brianna plans on going to Ventura College and studying in the criminal justice field. She wants to give a huge thank you to her family and friends who have shown her unconditional love and support over the years. She will miss the connections and bonds that she has created as she moves forward with her life but she will forever cherish every moment of them. 


Maddie Brannan has been in dance for 4 years, and she couldn't be more blessed for the opportunities and experiences the dance program has given her. Through the dance program she was able to realize her strong passion and love for dance, using it to channel her inner creativity. In these last 4 years she has met and made connections with so many talented, inclusive dancers who have truly impacted her high school experience, and she's so grateful for that. She will always have a spot in her heart for the program and everyone who's a part of it as well as the important experiences it has given her. She thanks Mrs. Hoj and Mrs. Cleary for being the backbone of the dance program, for their hard work and devotedness to making this high school experience special for us kids. She also thanks Mrs. Hoj for exposing her to the deeper meaning and therapeutic impact of dance and how it can really impact a young passionate dancer's life. She can't wait to take her knowledge and lessons of dance she's learned into her up and coming career. Maddie can't wait to continue to grow her skills in dance after high school and spread her artwork through the Ojai community. 


Ella Grigsby (National Honor Society for Dance Arts 2022 Graduate with Honors) has been in the dance program for 4 years. She is most proud of the personal bonds and friendships she has made. She is also very thankful for all the opportunities the Nordhoff dance program has given her to grow as a dancer. Next year she will attend Ventura College and study Interior design.  What she will miss the most about the dance program are the laughs she shared, especially this year with all the other Dance 3 and 4 juniors and seniors. She will never forget how much fun she had in the dressing room with her peers waiting for the fall show to start. She would also like to thank Brianna and Hannah for always being there for her no matter what.


Belen Hernandez (National Honor Society for Dance Arts 2022 Graduate) has been a part of the program for 4 years.  Belen is grateful for the opportunities that dance has provided and the learning opportunities. She learned how to be open to change and to work with others and gain patience. Belen has enjoyed dancing with everyone in her class. She learned how to work in overwhelming situations and how to work in any situation. Next year, Belen will be attending Ventura College to study criminal justice then transfer to pursue her dream career in law.  Belen will miss dancing for the program and being in the dressing room with her classmates before a show.  Even though she will not continue dancing in college, she will always appreciate all the lessons and experiences that the dance program has given her.  She would like to thank Mrs. Hoj and Ms. Cleary for all the advice and guidance they have given her throughout the 3 years they were with her. She will also like to thank everyone in the program for dancing with her and for supporting each other when we were at our lowest. 


Valery Hernandez has only taken a year of Dance but has loved every minute of it. She has enjoyed the life lessons she learned in the class and the connections she got to make. She plans to go into the psychological field for careers and plans to do dance as a hobby. She would like to thank Mrs.Hoj for always being supportive.


Mixtli Medina (National Honor Society for Dance Arts 2022 Graduate) has been in the dance program for the past 3 years. She enjoyed being able to create new friendships and exploring different types of dances. She’s also very thankful for every opportunity given by the NHS dance program. Next year she will be going to Ventura College to study business management. What she will miss the most about the dance program is all the good memories with her peers. She would like to thank everyone who supported her and also thanks Mrs. Hoj and Ms. Cleary for all the support and encouragement they have given to the group. 


Kirra Nevarez (National Honor Society for Dance Arts 2022 Graduate with Honors) has been in the dance program for four years and she has adored every second of it. Aside from dance itself, Kirra has also gotten the opportunity to explore choreographing alongside her peers. The trust, support, and understanding within this dance community is something she’ll always long for. As she ventures out into the real world, she plans to study fashion and business at UCLA. However, she wants to continue dancing simply because she loves to0. With the everlasting encouragement of Mrs. Hoj and Ms. Cleary, she feels humbled and loved, most of all she feels grateful to have had such beautiful humans as teachers. 


Hannah Oswald (National Honor Society for Dance Arts 2022 Graduate) has been dancing for the program for 4 years and is extremely grateful for every single opportunity she was given throughout her dance career. Next year she will attend Ventura College and continue her studies to become an Ultrasound Technician. She will most miss the bonds she shared throughout her classmates and the love and strength she received from Mrs. Hoj and Ms. Cleary. She will never forget the many laughs she shared during class and the time Dance 3 and 4 juniors and seniors shared a dressing room for the fall show back in 2021. Lastly, she would like to thank her best friends for standing by her side and most importantly, her mom. 


Chloe Samia (National Honor Society for Dance Arts 2022 Graduate with Honors) has been in the dance program for 4 years and is extremely grateful for every moment. Even though this specific journey is coming to an end, she plans to continue her dance career in college, bringing along all of the wisdom and love that the dance program has given to her. The community that was built among the dancers helped Chloe and motivated her to lead with love and passion. She will miss her dance peers and their times together. Through the most unpredictable, trying times this group found a way to move forward and create a safe space for each other and she is so grateful for that. Chloe would like to thank Mrs. Hoj and Ms. Cleary for emphasizing a supportive connection between student and teacher and her peers for…well, EVERYTHING!


Brianna Turner (National Honor Society for Dance Arts 2022 Graduate) has been in the dance program for 4 years, and is so excited to continue her dance journey after high school! Next year she plans on majoring in dance at Moorpark Community College. She is very thankful for her time and experience in the Nordhoff High School Dance program, one of her favorite memories being when all the Dance 3 and 4 class was in a dressing room together, and would like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her. She is going to miss everyone so much, especially her peers in dance this year, and would like to thank them all for being the most kind and considerate group through thick and thin. 


Kailey Zak (National Honor Society for Dance Arts 2022 Graduate with Honors) has been a part of the dance program for 4 years and is grateful to have the opportunity to create and perform her own choreography. Kailey has enjoyed the friendships and growth she has made over the course of her time here. Kailey’s future goals consist of attending college to pursue a career working with children, along with continuing her journey with dance. Next year, she will be majoring in early childhood education at Ventura College. Someone I will miss from the dance program is Ms. Cleary, without her extrovert energy, she would have never come out of my shell as a freshman. A special aspect that she will miss from our amazing program is the connections you make with the people who continue to inspire you. She wants to take the time to thank Mrs. Hoj and Ms. Cleary for the continuous knowledge and opportunities these women have given her. She would also like to thank all the talented people in this program for accepting me for who I am and continuing to push me to be the best version of myself. 


Professional Choreographer Bios 


Kelly Carrol began her dance career in Chicago with the Lenore Sutton acro-dance company.  She moved to New York City, and performed on Broadway in musicals such as Cabaret, My Fair Lady, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Galt McDermot’s LaNovella with the NY Dance Ensemble.  Kelly was a “Copa Girl” at the original Copacabana in New York, performed internationally and on Broadway as a member of JoJo’s Dance Factory, danced in Grover Dale’s Company at the Lenox Arts Center, and could be found frequently teaching jazz classes at Broadway Dance Center. Kelly’s choreographic credits include a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway, music videos, Jazz Age Revisited and Rockula, The Gaslight Club Speakeasy Review, and the soap opera, As The World Turns.  She also created choreography for musical acts such as Vickie Sue Robinson’s International Tour and 70s Disco Revival at Radio City Music Hall, and Formerly the Harlettes.  Kelly choreographed for Sue Samuels’ Jazz Roots Dance Company and co-created a jazz ballet, Jazz on the West Side.


Taylor Koester brings several years of dance into the Ojai Valley. As a Nordhoff Dance alumni (class of 2015), Taylor has spent much of her adult life dancing in both Los Angeles and New York to train professionally at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Theater. Taylor is now completing her Masters in Education degree through Grand Canyon University. She has worked and trained with top choreographers in the dance industry and currently teaches across Ventura County both in dance studios and in the Ventura Unified school district. Taylor is ecstatic to be back at her alma mater and working with the Nordhoff High School dancers as a guest choreographer!


Audrey Martel is a multidisciplinary artist from Ojai and a Nordhoff alumni (class of 2016). She is a dancer/choreographer and a painter, doing both fine art and large scale work for theater sets. Audrey graduated in June 2020 from UCDavis with a B.A. in Theater and Dance. There she trained in ballet, modern, contact improvisation, and dance composition; choreographing several works under the supervision of David Grenke with several of her pieces incorporating original sound designs. She also served as the UCD Theater department’s set painter and assisted with set design and general set construction for several years. Audrey joined the Stoopid Dance Company in Fall 2020 as one of its original members. Currently, she is teaching dance classes and choreographing locally, as well as finding ways to incorporate her interdisciplinary art practice. 


Michela Villierme, Nordhoff alumni from 2015, has a bachelor's degree in dance education from Cal State Channel Islands and hopes to further her education in the future. Her immense passion and knowledge for choreographing and teaching has launched her career in ways that she would’ve never imagined. She has choreographed for universities, high Schools, studios, conventions, and companies. Michela is happy to be back choreographing for Nordhoff High School, and thanks Kim Hoj for always creating a loving space for her dancers.

2022 Spring Dance Concert Production Team



Kim Hoj (BA Sociology, UCSB 1991; M.Ed. Teaching, UCSB 1998) studied dance as a child with Linda Radney in Camarillo and later as a member of her high school and collegiate dance teams.  Since 2004, Kim has had the blessing to work with dancers in building their creativity and growth. Kim is finishing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling within the Lesley University Expressive Arts Therapies program with a focus on understanding the therapeutic impact of dance and movement. She also co-facilitates Nordhoff’s new Peer Wellness class. In December 2021, Kim celebrated Nordhoff’s dance program recognition as a Golden Bell Award winner for excellence in education by the California School Board Association. Kim, a past president for California Dance Education Association, was recently selected as one of 15 nationwide teacher leaders for the National Dance Education Organization’s Connected Arts Networks initiative to create a network of dance educators committed to creating curriculum at the nexus of dance education and social-emotional learning over the next three years. 

It's been a weird few years for production, but Claire M. Cleary loves being back inside a theatre again. She recently designed the lighting for the Nordhoff musical Something Rotten. Claire has studied Lighting Design at The Theatre School at DePaul University as well as technical theatre at Ventura College. She has recently completed a production of The Sound of Music with Oak Grove School and is looking to explain her work into film & television. Some of her favorite credits include; Peter And The Starcatcher with Hannah Mitchell at OACT, Man of La Mancha with Marty Babayco at OACT, Psychology of Dance with Kim Hoj and the Nordhoff Dance Program. Claire has received 4 Four Star Awards in Outstanding Lighting Design for her work.

Thank you to Nordhoff Dance Alliance Board Members for your leadership and commitment to our program...

Aly Grigsby (Ella, 2022), Sarah Turner (Brianna, 2022), Michelle Gaston (Cassidy, 2025), Karen Oswald (Hannah, 2022), and Leah Sautto (Caitlin, 2024).


Thank you to Ojai Unified School District Administration for your support of the Nordhoff Dancers...

Tiffany Morse, Superintendent

Sherrill Knox, Assistant Superintendent

Dave Monson, Nordhoff Principal

Marshall Webb, Nordhoff Assistant Principal

Leslee Cybulski, Nordhoff Dean of Student Services

Kelley Stone, Matilija Principal

Cindy Boehm, Matilija Administrative Assistant

Robyn Halverson, NHS Performing Arts Administrative Assistant


Thank you to Small Ensemble Parent Chaperones for your support for our student choreographers...

Monica Aparicio, Jennifer Garnsey, Michelle Gaston, Aly Grigsby, Jim Johnson, & Karen Oswald 


Thank you to our Live Auction volunteers…

Karen Oswald & Leah Sautto


Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for your support this weekend to make this event possible…




Thank you to our Annual Appeal Donors for your generous support

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Concert Director / Artistic Director


Lighting Designer, Costuming  

Sound Engineers

House Manager        

Stage Manager                  

Backstage Manager               

Administrative Assistant

Volunteer Photographer


Kim Hoj

John Hoj

Claire M. Cleary

Michael Tregler & Adam Dunn

Aly Grigsby / Taundra Roddick

Audrey Martel

Leah Clark

Robyn Halverson


Rich Sigerist 

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