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What should incoming

new students expect

for next year? Written by Jayleen G. and Charlotte S., rising juniors for 23-24

Students entering the Nordhoff Dance Program will begin in their first year by exploring dance and building a good foundation. A variety of techniques and genres will be explored; genres include but are not limited to jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, and modern. Students entering the dance program do not need to have any prior experience.

To promote a sense of unity among classes and students, students must follow a simple dress code for class every day: black logo-and-image-less pants and any Nordhoff dance shirt. 

While our fantastic teachers teach most of the choreography, guest artists will occasionally be invited to work with students, bringing with them new movement and expertise students would otherwise not be exposed to in class. 

At least twice a year, the Nordhoff dance program will put on dance concerts for the Ojai community. Students from all levels of dance within the Nordhoff program will perform dances they learn in class. Most dancers get the chance to participate in multiple pieces, some choreographed by Nordhoff dance teachers, some by guest artists, and some by the advanced dancers in the choreography classes. 

Have any questions? You can contact Mrs. Hoj at or Ms. Burright at

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